Twitter Updates for 2009-07-09

  • How to resist allowing your bitter adversary make you bitter as well, meditate on the vastness of God's love. blog post #
  • RT @jrdkirk: Navigating between the failures of liberal and conservative Christianity: #
  • RT @chuckdegroat: On my blog, the New Exodus journey continues: Security's twisted sister! #
  • RT @tonystiff: RT @ccef New by David Powlison: I Am Making All Things New #
  • Riverside church NYC trashes its 600k pastor for being too evangelical #
  • RT @marcholland: I'm not the only one who gained weight during my wife's 1st pregnancy; #
  • Calvin College prof weighs in on Honduran coup #
  • RT @JohnPiper: "Prick Bunyan and he will bleed Bible." Let it not be said of you: Prick him and he bleeds movies. to this I say: "oh pooh!" #
  • #preachprep PDF from sower sermons of @paulvanderklay: sowers: and sower interp: #
  • RT @RachelleGardner: Eavesdrop on three literary agents having lunch! upcoming disruption in publishing? #
  • RT @RachelleGardner: Is publishing about to be disrupted? Read agent Kristin Nelson's thoughts: #
  • Amazing piece on why good companies fail in times of industry transition. ie: newspapers, publishing losing to blogs #
  • RT @tonystiff: Where is the biblical story heading? "Heaven is not our home," by N.T. Wright #
  • RT @CTmagazine: @dneff interviews Mark Noll about his latest book. Does Global Christianity Equal American Christianity? #
  • Why I let my tweets clutter up my blog, and why I retweet everything I find helpful, useful or potentially useful #
  • Leslie Newbigin and Kenneth Bailey on Jesus, justice and reconciliation #
  • Mark Sanford, Michael Jackson, Steve McNair as illustrating Jesus' 3 warnings in Luke 11 and 12 #
  • John Calvin as guest voice at the Washington Post "On Faith" #

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