More Weird Christianity

Even the fact that this traditional Christianity evades easy polarizations can hinder as much as help. It belies an underlying cherry-picking, a dominance of a valuer deciding which things she likes while discarding that which is less appealing. One advantage of ‘Nicene orthodoxy’ to contemporary believers is that its positions can be held apart from any cultural or political context, which allows one the freedom of being ‘orthodox’ in terms of Christology but thinking as one pleases about most other things. Thus many young people today, especially in mainline traditions, embrace the old ‘weird’ doctrines of resurrection and two-natures, while they either ignore the cultural and sexual mores taught by those who developed those doctrines or reinterpret them as somehow post-modern before post-modern. (E.g., the oft-repeated quip that ‘Augustine and Foucault agree: everyone is queer.’)

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