Transgender teen wins regional wrestling title despite attempt to ban him from competing | SportsDay

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How You Saw President Trump’s Press Conference Depended on How You Watched | WIRED

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6 Questions to Ask If You Have More Privilege Than Your Partner

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The Reality Is — Donald Trump is Our President | The Pastor’s Pen

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‘Pray For Sweden,’ Tweeters Giggle After Trump’s Latest Stumble | The Huffington Post

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Andrew Sullivan on the Trump inner circle

Now go check out this Vice journalist’s impression of Bannon in 2014. It does not reassure: “He’s buzzing with intensity, with two pens clipped to his shirt collar. Over the next 90 minutes, he barely touched his food and never took off his coat.” He just prattles endlessly and manically on. Among the gems that emerge from the conversation: Ebola requires a massive immigration crackdown or we’re all going to die; ISIS is plotting to assassinate the Pope; and then this calm overview: “The world is in a meltdown right now. I mean, the world is on fire. And all of a sudden it’s going to dawn on people, this is not a problem for guys in the Middle East. This is a problem for you in Kansas City.” You begin to realize that he called himself a “Leninist” for a reason.


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A Life That Can Stand Up To Anything

In the Sermon on the Mount Jesus offers you a life that an stand up to anything. 

But how can we choose when just trying to figure out what is real is so hard and divide even in basic questions of life today?



Two Movies Theory

While it is emotionally satisfying and comfortable to live surrounded by people who see the world just like you do it can be a dangerous situation. Because we crave comfort and affirmation we tend to associate with people of like mind. “Birds of a feather flock together.” This is true in politics and religion.

Figuring out what is true and what is good are two of the central challenges for all of human existence. A lot rides on this. If there is actually an objective reality out there being out of line with it may be emotionally comfortable but in the end truth eventually prevails. It can be no other way.

If, as Christianity has always maintained, the universe is the creation of an all good, all powerful God, then to know what is good is also foundational because just like truth, goodness must eventually prevail and it is in one’s best interest to also align with that.

Plato’s Republic Continue reading

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