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Helping Sensible People Believe the Crazy Stuff Christians Profess

Tim Keller and Pete Enns Any reader of my blog has a clue of how much I owe to Tim Keller, but only a clue. I follow his sermons, lectures, and books very closely. I’ve gained immensely from him. My … Continue reading

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Can Denomination Be Helpful When Churches Are Dying Because We Don’t Understand What Church Is For?

The Wrong End of the Tree My friend Pete wrote a response to my last structure piece. He noted, and I agree, that these structure conversations are starting at the wrong end of the church. The crisis at the denominational … Continue reading

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Plantations, Colonialists, and the Innocents who wander there

  When Whitey Moves I’ve been playing “wanna read it, don’t wanna read it” with Christena Cleveland’s piece on “Urban Church Planting/Plantations”  It’s easy for me to retweet or “share” on something that with a minute’s reading I think “yeah, that’s … Continue reading

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Seeing the Ukraine Conflict in the Temptations of Christ

Ukraine This video caught my eye. The Ukrainian soldiers trying to recover their dignity by “going to work” guarding warplanes. The Russian troops (sans flags) preventing their advance to their base, firing warning shots. This is of course a … Continue reading

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The Evangelical Hammer

The Naked Pastor has a moving and perceptive piece on another moving and perceptive piece by Ted Haggard. Both are worth reading. Haggard notes the one dimensionality problem of some evangelicals. In my case, I was taught that life transformation took place … Continue reading

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Moving Beyond Attracting the Dormant Zombies of Christendom

What does Madison Avenue Have to Do with Jerusalem? In the late 90’s I was a pastor reading business books with my missional cohort in our Sacramento mission field. We were attending conferences at Willow Creek and Saddleback trying to … Continue reading

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Tim Keller’s Gospel

Pt. 6 of The Postmodern Logic Behind Emergent Calvinism Homosexuality as Justice Litmus Test This video of Tim Keller handling the question of homosexuality nicely illustrates both our postmodern context and how Tim Keller’s theological adjustment of Reformed theology differs … Continue reading

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