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The Banner’s Racist Tweet (or the Frame Problem)

In Memoriam: Rev. Dr. Paul H. Redhouse (1925-2019): Rev. Dr. Paul H. Redhouse, who spearheaded the formation of Classis Red Mesa, died Sept. 5. — The Banner (@crcbanner) October 16, 2019 Is it racist to celebrate a Navajo man … Continue reading

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Objective Morality Esther and Adam

The morality dilemma and the crisis in meaning are of course connected. Only within the monarchical vision can the question “what is good” be answered because it is evaluated from the “view from nowhere”. Each of us, limited creatures in … Continue reading

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Culture War Rockets vs. Platforms

BRAINS! This is a video of a conversation between Jordan Peterson and John Vervaeke. Both of them are favorite professors and outstanding teachers at the University of Toronto. This video was taken before Jordan Peterson’s status rocket ride via Bill … Continue reading

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JBP, Political Correctness and Post-Modernity

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From Chaos to Story

It has always bothered me reading or listening to demythologizers because they would always unseat a story with a story and most of the time their story seemed just as made up as the story they were undermining because they … Continue reading

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Connecting Luther to Trump. Pondering the Legacy of the Reformation on a breezy California Morning

Anniversary of the Reformation We’re coming up on the 500th anniversary of the Reformation and there are a torrent of books and talks attempting to explain the significance and the consequences of this movement that reshaped our world. One voice … Continue reading

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Jordan Peterson as Ontological Argument

Putting the World Together My project of continuing to try to digest Jordan Peterson has continued. Let’s assume the modern psychological premise that we are not fully conscious of ourselves, in fact we are only marginally conscious of ourselves which … Continue reading

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