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Facebook Comment on the Impending War of the Sexes

I think a lot of our national conversation of feminism has presumed a Christendom substrata of male respect for women and a Christian resistance to use the power they have. It is like knowing that Gandhi could only do what … Continue reading

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Why do traditional church LGBT conversations always focus on sex?

Eliaz Cruz Why there is no one gay lifestyle, Justin Lee I appreciate your point here. It reminds me of Peter Brown’s review of Kyle Harper’s book. Pastors make a lot of noise but is anyone really listening? The same … Continue reading

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Response to a Facebook Conversation on Empire and Loss

Defend? No. Normalize? What the European powers did to the groups they colonized does not seem wholly different from what the Aztecs and Incas and Assyrians and the empire of Mali and the Mogul rulers of India and the Qin in … Continue reading

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On Sharing Information, Politicking and Family Conversations

A comment from my Facebook conversation in response to the Christ Church SF posting.  For the sake of argument let’s assume the traditional position for this analogy. Imagine your young adult child is arrested for stealing. You know you’re raised … Continue reading

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Woman Rejects her Lover As He Criticizes Her Body

Huffpo Facebook discussion This is a fascinating article. It is the conflict between two relational consumers. In this case the man just wants companionship and the woman wants sex, the ironic reverse of where they would have been thirty years … Continue reading

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How Can the CRC have a Voice with its People Today

I wrote this comment for the discussion of the purpose of the Banner on the Network My fear for Synod is my expectation of a comment discussion, that we will spend time wandering around debating sex, science and the worthiness … Continue reading

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The Problem of Lonely Pastors

  A link was posted on the CRC Pastors Facebook group. It’s a closed group so we don’t share outside of it but since I write what I’m about to share and it doesn’t involve the stuff of others, only … Continue reading

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