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Evangelical lostness at Wheaton

Evangelicalism is a sort of thing that isn’t supposed to have a center, a hierarchy or an authority structure but yet we are supposed to act like it does. It’s the large projection of classic pastoral availability. You can have … Continue reading

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Helping Sensible People Believe the Crazy Stuff Christians Profess

Tim Keller and Pete Enns Any reader of my blog has a clue of how much I owe to Tim Keller, but only a clue. I follow his sermons, lectures, and books very closely. I’ve gained immensely from him. My … Continue reading

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Why Equality and Authority have become such enemies and which one must finally lose

Equality, Law, Authority, Shalom Part of the matrix of our current conflicts is the relationship between equality, law, authority and shalom. One of the implicit questions we bring to the Bible in this age of changing standards is “can we … Continue reading

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The CRC can’t answer the identity question until it addresses the discipleship question

5 Steps to Denominational Renewal My friend Pete posted this piece by Sam Hamstra on CRC Voices for discussion. Since putting over 1000 words in a comment section isn’t polite I thought I’d engage the piece here on my blog. … Continue reading

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New study on “born that way”

The New Atlantis Executive summary sexual orientation fixed by innate biology not supported by science While there are biological factors no compelling biological explanation longitudinal studies suggest that 80% of male adolescents who experience same sex attraction will no longer … Continue reading

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The Lightening Rod Moves Past the Storm Front

Watching the Herd I started reading Rachel’s blog years ago. The comment section was more fun before it got so big. Bigness in comments sections tend to be their death. Increasingly I went from reading to skimming to scanning the … Continue reading

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Happy (Christian Liturgical) New Year!

Ahhh, now we can all breath a sigh of relief. The priests of modern knowledge have established a narrative through which we can view the Planned Parenthood shooter. Finding the narrative, usually disguised as a “motive” is the first quest … Continue reading

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