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Kate Mears’ Trangender Story

RCA Room for All

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Splitting the RCA

https://thatreformedblog.com/2016/06/16/my-final-motion/ “That the General Synod Council be instructed to immediately develop a plan for the orderly dissolution of the Reformed Church in America, for presentation to the classes for a vote no later than 1 March 2017, and that the … Continue reading

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The RCA GS16 “Trainwreck”


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The Difference Between a Hermeneutical Study and a Confessional Conversation

Hermeneutics As the debate over same-sex marriage and LGBTQ inclusion in the church rages a strange word you will often hear is “hermeneutics”. It surfaced yesterday in the RCA Synod. You can see in the struck-out text “hermeneutical methods” replaced … Continue reading

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The #RCASynod votes for the night to change their church order on one man, one woman

Livestream starts around minute 25 This was supposed to be a pro-forma “reaffirmation” that classes are the major authority. Minute 41:05 Then it sounded like last year General Synod sent to the Commission on Church order a task to include in … Continue reading

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How #RCASynod is backing into a Confessional Conversation on the floor of its General Synod.

Watching the RCA Livestream Watch the Saved Livestream here This afternoon the RCA Synod voted to send its “one man and one woman” liturgy to the classes for ratification. To me that’s not the big news. Then the topic came … Continue reading

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RCA Room-for-All Daily Devotionals leading up to Special Council

RCA Room For All

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Can an RCA Council End its Perpetual Struggle over LGBTQ Issues?

The Other Synod After a long day of advisory committee work at the CRCNA Synod the last thing I probably should do now is talk about the Synod I’m not at, the Synod or the RCA, but oh well. The … Continue reading

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Greg Alderman Proposes A Path to take on the Same Sex Marriage Question Head On in the RCA

RCA.org Text of the speech RCA Recommendations R-42a and R-42b RCA Journals, like minutes Special Council Approved

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Will Natural CRC and RCA Factionalism Stall Collaboration or Can It Become A Space to Seek Revival From?

The Bible as A Record of Squabbling for the LORD A majority of the Bible is occupied by tussling between people who consciously profess allegiance to the LORD or over which the LORD lays formal claim. The LORD makes covenant with patriarchs and tries to … Continue reading

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