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“Things Move Fast When You’re Me”

Daniel is back. He did some time in jail and the hospital. Sunday was the first day he saw me since I got back from Synod. I had been holding $400 of his money for him since he’s sure that … Continue reading

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Why Those Who Off-Shore Their Treasures Beyond the Age of Decay Inherit the Earth

You Can Survive Almost Any How If You Have a Why Yesterday’s episode of The Walking Dead entitled Self Help nicely illustrated the work of Victor Frankl. We learn Abraham’s backstory and what created his bond with Eugene. It illustrates … Continue reading

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Sculpting our Tents in the Age of Decay for the Hope of Imperishable Glory

Body Image Isn’t Just for Women Anymore Men’s Journal recently did a piece on what Hollywood leading men need to go through to make the cut. Brando never did crunches. Al Pacino didn’t slurp protein shakes. Cary Grant had never … Continue reading

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When He Speaks Your Name Your Self Won’t End in Decay

Knowing My Father My father passed away last year. Let’s imagine that right after my father’s death someone approached our family and said “I really want to know who Stan Vander Klay was. Would you give me permission to examine … Continue reading

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Why do I talk about the Age of Decay?

New Testament Time Telling The New Testament tells time in “ages”. There is “the present age” and “the age to come”. Matthew 12:32 (NIV) 32 Anyone who speaks a word against the Son of Man will be forgiven, but anyone … Continue reading

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Ruins of Detroit

Pete Meendering loaned me this book of photographs from Detroit. It is a powerful book. Pete of course mentioned the Age of Decay. I found a website with some of the pictures and writing. Amazing.

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If Darwin was Right, His Children Will Lose

Through The Cold Eye of Science We are frail, vulnerable creatures orbiting a burning ball of gas at 66,000 miles an hour, rotating on an axis at over a thousand miles an hour, the experience of which we are mostly … Continue reading

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