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Clarifying the Synod 2016 Decision on Same Sex Marriage

The Banner So what we have here is the Banner attempting to clarify, via the Synodical Study Committee reporter what their work meant by offering interpretation and application. It’s not unusual for Synods to leave us with muddled and garbled … Continue reading

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Synod2016 on YouTube

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How Empire Assimilated Your Tribal Story and how Jesus Redefines Empire

CRC Synod 2016 The Synod of the Christian Reformed Church is the broadest assembly of their three. Delegates are gathered from around the US and Canada to discuss issues concerning the whole church. Three of the biggest discussions this year … Continue reading

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Social Media Comments on Synod 2016 Pastoral Guidance Outcome

From facebook.com/crcna on the banner piece Daryl Klyn-Hesselink this long comment nicely articulates how the decision is interpreted in terms of connection to Scripture. Lauren Louters Kolfernbach Daniel Nathan Booy Marty Veltkamp Kevin DeYager Roger L. Mayle Ellen Ackerman Hoebeke Angel … Continue reading

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Sidewalk Chalk at Synod2016

Guerrilla sidewalk chalk art outside the CFAC where #crcsynod is meeting. #FaithfullyLGBT pic.twitter.com/Tz4tB9t3ZR — Amy Vander Vliet (@abvandervliet) June 14, 2016 #crcsynod messages to the delegates as chalked o/s the venue pic.twitter.com/witOFL06J3 — Gina Taylor Lunshof (@GinaTaylo) June 14, 2016 … Continue reading

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The Difference Between a Hermeneutical Study and a Confessional Conversation

Hermeneutics As the debate over same-sex marriage and LGBTQ inclusion in the church rages a strange word you will often hear is “hermeneutics”. It surfaced yesterday in the RCA Synod. You can see in the struck-out text “hermeneutical methods” replaced … Continue reading

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Overture 31 from Wisconsin and the Confessional Conversation

i A friend asked my comment on Overture 31 from Wisconsin in the light of my confessional conversation discussion. The overture nails the defects of the Pastoral Guidance report.  I think it’s probably the best, concise treatment of the report from … Continue reading

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YALT: Looking Forward to Synod


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CRC and RCA Synods on Same Sex Marriage

Steve Mathonnet-VanderWell Scott Hoezee

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Break the Script, See the Whole Texas Privet, Find your real Confessional Flag and Fly It!

Following the Script There really isn’t any great mystery about what’s coming next in the CRC struggle over what to say and do about the liberation of sexual minorities. There should be no mystery because we’ve been watching this play … Continue reading

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