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Sickness Unto Death

Why Didn’t Jesus Just Start Raising Lots of People? We saw with the Iranian Cleric raising the dead thought experiment that a person possessing this kind of power walking around among us would almost certainly provoke us to kill this person … Continue reading

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Why "balance" isn't the right word in measuring preaching on justification and sanctification

This is a repost from Jan 2007. I think it might be something I wrote for CRC-Voices. This phrase of yours caught my attention: All good preaching and leading will have the blessed balance of both content and process because … Continue reading

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Tim Keller's use of identity in his theology

I originally posted this in Oct of 2006 A key theme that Keller works again and again has to do with the concept of identity. All preachers use what I call pathways. These are ways to easily get from here … Continue reading

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Why Jesus was indirect with "sinners" and direct with the "righteous"

This is a repost from June 2007 This was from a Voices discussion about sin and church discipline. 1.   The gravity of sin. It is hard to overstate the calamity, devastation, and bondage that sin is. In my Synoptic Gospels … Continue reading

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On loving the process at the expense of Sabbath rest

Rachel Held Evans is a young author whose first book will be coming out next year. She has a blog and I thought this post was illuminating with respect to our culture. She talks about loving the process of constructing … Continue reading

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