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Douglas Murray

Deconversion testimony (from ten years ago–he would have been only a few years older than I am now when he wrote this): Would human life be sacred in an atheist world? Atheists versus Dawkins: A license to … Continue reading

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Christianity and Nationalism Conversation Hosting

Labberton’s statement he gave at Wheaton Linklist of notes on the Wheaton meeting Iron Ink in defense of Nationalism Is Bret a White Supremacist?

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Matt Dillahunty with Jordan Peterson  

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Wheaton Conference on how Trump has impacted the future of Evangelicalism

Gerson Not anti-trump says organizer Just a large luncheon Quick to listen Tweets Cynical Skye Jethani Kaitlyn Beaty in The New Yorker Labberton statement

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Lots of links from YT comment

Hello. Here are some other things that I had thought you might like to interact with. (A Catholic’s opinion of Peterson) (Same Catholic’s opinion of pragmatism with an appearance of Chesterton, who CS Lewis admits was an influence … Continue reading

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Racist Science Fair Project at CKM HISP  

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Chronicle of Higher Ed on why JBP is Dangerous

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