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Tim Keller’s Review of Vines and Wilson on Redeemer Website


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Clarifying the Synod 2016 Decision on Same Sex Marriage

The Banner So what we have here is the Banner attempting to clarify, via the Synodical Study Committee reporter what their work meant by offering interpretation and application. It’s not unusual for Synods to leave us with muddled and garbled … Continue reading

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New study on “born that way”

The New Atlantis Executive summary sexual orientation fixed by innate biology not supported by science While there are biological factors no compelling biological explanation longitudinal studies suggest that 80% of male adolescents who experience same sex attraction will no longer … Continue reading

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Matt Moore on his Same Sex Attraction


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Inuit Wrestle with SSM as another example of European Cultural Imposition

livingchurch.org In much of Canadian society, marriage is understood as a contract centered on the mutual fulfillment of consenting adults (with comparatively little attention paid to either elders or to children). People understand themselves as autonomous agents possessing rights, who … Continue reading

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Overture 31 from Wisconsin and the Confessional Conversation

i A friend asked my comment on Overture 31 from Wisconsin in the light of my confessional conversation discussion. The overture nails the defects of the Pastoral Guidance report.  I think it’s probably the best, concise treatment of the report from … Continue reading

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What a Confessional Convention Might Look Like

I’ve been pushing this idea of a Confessional Conversation  as a way forward on the conflict over same-sex marriage and LGBTQ liberation and struggling to answer the question “what would that actually look like?” A few posts ago I talked about … Continue reading

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CRC and RCA Synods on Same Sex Marriage

Steve Mathonnet-VanderWell Scott Hoezee

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How Confessions Relocate Law

It Gets Better Whichever way you go on LGBTQ you can’t simply deny or avoid stories or judgments like these. For so many people these stories just expose the judgment of the tellers as self evident, but if you embrace … Continue reading

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Desmoines Register on RCA SSM Clash

http://www.desmoinesregister.com/story/opinion/columnists/iowa-view/2016/05/30/reformed-church-faces-defining-moment-gay-issues/85007688/ With more than a decade of hindsight, we look back with pride on the costly choice we made to become an LGBT-affirming church. We lost some members and congregations, but defining ourselves positively to the LGBT community created new … Continue reading

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