ConverZations with PVK

I love having conversations (or converZations as people tease me) with people you watch my YouTube channel. I’ve had so many requests I need to establish some structure to it. Here is the structure.

  1. If you’ve had two conversations with me then be gracious and let some first timers have a chance at the queue. Think about finding one to three others who you’ve seen on the channel to do a group with. When you’ve got a group and you can agree on a time slot sign up for one.
  2. I love meeting new people. As a pastor I’m particularly interested in your story of faith or unbelief. Why do you believe in God? Why can’t you believe in God? Why don’t you want to believe in God? How does all that work in you? I’ll likely lead you with questions and explore it with you. That’s a lot of what a pastor does. I won’t pressure you or bully you or try to scare you. I want to hear your story and help you put it out there so you can see it from a different perspective.
  3. Your Jordan Peterson journey or your journey through the Meaning Crisis. I’m curious about how that is going for you. As a pastor I rely on first hand accounts. No one has probably written a book on you so lay it out for me. I’ll help you by asking questions. Pastors help people curate and garden their stories.
  4. Is there a particular idea you want to talk about? My channel isn’t really the place where you have a chance to promote a project or even a cause. You can start your own channel for that. If there is an idea explain to me why it’s important to you and your life, not just in the abstract. Where does it impact your ideas? Again, if we’ve already spoke a couple of times try to find some friends who have already spoken with me (on or off the air) and maybe we can find a slot to talk about something.
  5. Consider starting your own channel. Others have done it. Consider gathering others together for a time to meetup on line. If you let me know and I have the chance I might be able to join. Consider editing down your group conversation and if it’s good enough maybe I’ll post it. Maybe I’ll start a sub-channel. I don’t know yet.

I’ve had to do some thinking in terms of this new aspect of my life, my ministry and my career. I pastor a marginally viable congregation. In pastor-speak “marginally viable” means they might have trouble always being able to cover my salary. I might start to look for more income in the future from this source. My congregation is small and very generous with my time but there are limits to the time and attention I can pay outside of this local church. I’m waiting for JBP to put out his Thinkspot. Maybe I’ll work on that. Maybe I’ll develop something else. We’ll see.

If you’d like to schedule a talk here’s the link.

It might look full up off into forever but that’s only because I limit it look ahead 21 days. pvk

If you’ve secured a slot, congratulations! Here are some instructions. 

I use zoom and a special zoom link for our meeting should have come with the confirmation.

You don’t need to purchase anything. I already have a paid zoom account. When you clink on the zoom link it will download “client” software to use with your browser on a PC or Ipad, smartphone, etc. to use for our conversation.

When we connect check the settings to make sure the proper webcam is selected and microphone for our talk. It’s common that your setting is muted. If you’re using a PC move your mouse towards the bottom of the screen and hit the ^ symbol to select the mic and camera options.

I normally schedule hour slots for individuals. If I have other conversations after you I might want to end the conversation 5 or 10 minutes before the hour so that I can take a break before the next talk.

Thanks for signing up!

Paul Vander Klay

About PaulVK

Husband, Father of 5, Pastor
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13 Responses to ConverZations with PVK

  1. I truly value your contributions to this ongoing saga that has grown through the impact of the teachings of JBP. All your own explanations and expansion of these themes have been so helpful.
    Another source of dynamic quality has been the introduction of such a rich variety of teachers that I would never ordinarily have encountered.
    The “testimony” type of conversations with folk who want to share their story has been useful and makes it very human, even if it is “warts and all”.
    Thank you for enabling this little old woman in a Retirement Village at the end of the Earth to keep up with the moving of the Spirit of God across our world.

  2. Jay Noe says:

    Paul, I have watched pretty much all of your videos and those others in the IDW from the beginning and just finished the one called “Christianity and Non-Duality”. I have kept quiet as the subject is so compex. But you and Bob are “on to something profound” So I hope this comm is helpful. I think both you and Bob could benefit from Doug Vogt’s work at Diehold Foundation. His videos are to be found on YouTube and his books on Amazon. Start here; ( You may also want to check out Stan Tenen’s work at Meru Foundation. Both collections of work point to some fundamental information embedded in the Torah and the toroidal nature of the Universe, how humans and all reality as we experience it, including the soul come into existence. For me the nature of God and our embedded place in all existence can be more clearly understood by digesting this work. Vogt’s theory which supercedes relativity, quantum mechanics and string theories is quite compelling and to me gives much to understanding to Bob’s views as expressed in your conversation with him. His Youtube site is a bit hard to follow so I have compiled an index with links, which I would be glad to share with you and Bob, who I don’t know how to contact. Also the links to his videos directly from the book tabs on his site such as this page useful.

  3. Dave Ihde says:

    Not Sure how Wehlage to contact you so starting with this. I found your podcast by accident a few months ago and have listened to a fair number, with a very positive response. I am at a point in my life when the answers I grew up with are no longer adequate and am open to rethinking almost everything.

    Perhaps you’ve already discussed, but what are your thoughts on Richard Rohr? I’ve read at least three of his books and find him equally inspiring and confusing. I don’t know if that’s because he’s off base or because I just don’t have the capacity to understand what he’s trying to say.

    A podcast on that topic would be most welcome.

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  5. Chad Lewis says:

    I love what ur doing w J Peterson

  6. benesteve says:

    Hi Paul,
    I just lost my comment in regards to one on one. Listened toGabrielle
    Please call 514 991 0256
    Blessings from Montreal Canada

  7. beabadams says:

    Hello, It’s strange but maybe you might want to talk to me. My faith journey has been marked by abusive authority figures (both religious and familial). They spurned me to turn to God as my greater authority, and take on God’s patronage, so that I fear Him more than the cross of rejection. I converted to Rome from an Evangelical Episcopalian background as part of this trend. My WP page has one article (about my trepidations over online ‘platforms’), and after my history of having legitimacy stolen by bad authorities, this trend has taken me here to you. I was forced out of Bridges of Meaning Discord because my experiences with authority (and my theology) make me look like a threat to the identity (and authority) of one of your mods. I was an act of power to silence something he disagreed with, which was his desire to bully at will without recourse to God or man. As a side-effect I have lost the desire to watch your sermons which I used to love, BUT I don’t want to let this experience with another bad authority figure bleed over onto you. So maybe we should chat. I can’t do next Wednesday, as I have a doctor’s appt. I’m a single mom, but I studied theology at Oak Hill College, London, and before that I studied illustration at a decent art school in the Midwest.

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  11. JMB says:

    We have been watching you on YouTube for awhile now and came upon you after seeing your comments on JBP and Sam Harris. We are from a small fundamentalist Christian church that came over from the UK in the late 1800’s. It is very slow to update its dogma and we have been struggling. With the pandemic shutdown we turned online. We felt we were turning away from Christianity in general as we started meditating with Sam Harris and Tara Brach, etc. JBP brought us back when we stumbled upon his Biblical series. My husband was a minister before we were married. We have three kids and run a medical clinic in western Canada. We love Pageau, Bishop Barron, Tollë, and Verveake as well. All have helped us renew and sort through our beliefs and guided us in our search for meaning. You bring me comfort given your Calvinist background. We would love to talk with you and I have now found your booking site. Any tips on how to get a slot? I’ll check often to see if you open up times daily, or is it weekly, or monthly?

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