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Who, What is a “pastor” or a church leader?

Developing a Culture of Clergy Self-Leadership: Ideal Classis Series

Four Strategic Challenge Facing the Church Today In our context of deep and rapid chance the most important challenge the church faces is developing leaders in the church that can do the following: Discern the times: With multiple challenges confronting a … Continue reading

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This Preacher’s Monday Morning Therapy

Blog Reading I usually try to do some blog reading on Monday mornings. On some Monday mornings I’m particularly weary and needy. Not all, just sometimes. So I’m reading a particularly well done blog post by someone offering some very … Continue reading

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The “Good” I Don’t Need God For (and the Uncomfortable Good I Do)

Good without God In the theist-atheist debates one of the flash points is morality. Theists like to tell atheists that their morality is foundationless without God. That’s a debatable point in the theoretical and philosophical but I must conceded is … Continue reading

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From “hurt people hurt people” to “Graced people grace people”

Religion and Mental Illness Read this interesting interview on Sam Harris’ blog where the interviewer was connecting religion with mental illness. I do think there is sound anthropological evidence that the first “priests”, the shamans of Siberia, were probably psychological … Continue reading

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The Evangelical Hammer

The Naked Pastor has a moving and perceptive piece on another moving and perceptive piece by Ted Haggard. Both are worth reading. Haggard notes the one dimensionality problem of some evangelicals. In my case, I was taught that life transformation took place … Continue reading

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God’s Own Fool

Weary Pastors I’ve know a lot of pastors. I’ve seen them happy and sad, fresh and broken. I’ve seen a good number of them towards the end of their ministries quietly happy to be done with leading churches and caring … Continue reading

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Answering Young Steve Jobs: The Idolatry of Answers

One of the things JRR Tolkien got very right in his epic “Lord of the Rings” was the pull of “mastery” on our hearts. It’s not hard to see that below our strivings with technology, our market strivings, our relational … Continue reading

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