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I wonder Wednesday Curriculum

I wonder wednesdays¬†They ditched the Alpha program and made this. From Ground Motive ICS Simply stated, Nik argues that Scripture is a story about the work of God and humanity making a home, a place in this world defined by … Continue reading

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John Suk Reflects back on his preaching

and heaven and hell More on heaven

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“Lord, Will Only a Few Be Saved?”

The Question The question is always heard in a context. Why ask Jesus this Question? The unidentified person who asked Jesus this question asked it to Jesus for a reason. People were wondering about Jesus. He had exhibited power in … Continue reading

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Vocation, Skye and Willi

In the same podcast on the end of Christian retail Phil, Skye and Christian discuss vocation. After listening to the podcast I read Eugene Peterson’s memoir chapter on Willi Ossa. Willi was the church janitor where Peterson was working as … Continue reading

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Study on the correlation between societal religious beliefs and crime rates

I remember reading a study a couple of years ago that found correlation between productivity and a belief in hell. This one finds a correlation between a belief in hell and crime rates. Huffington Post. 

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Heaven and Hell Questions in the light of the Self and the Face of the one on the Throne

A post on CRC Voices about the final judgment, about whether a person goes to hell when they die, or is it Hades and then hell, etc. A discussion started and I shared these thoughts. Part of the puzzle is … Continue reading

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Insecure allergic reactionaries

This is the human condition. We long to be seen but are terrified of rejection or judgment. When Jesus says “broad is the road that leads to destruction” he is not exaggerating. There are more ways into hell than there … Continue reading

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On Conflict and Convincing and another proof of the existence of Hell

Following a post on the CRC Network over Women in Office and Classis that I knew would be conflicted. We all have our points of view and one of the things we desire from language and deliberation is the possibility … Continue reading

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“And What If I’m Wrong”

Got this video from a friend. I thought it would be a nice piece to bounce off of on the points he makes. First an outline of the points. I’ll put my initial comments and place holders in brackets. Even … Continue reading

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The Constancy of Afterlife Character

I’m working on the parable of Lazarus and the Rich Man. It is an amazing parable. If you want to read someone who reads the text slowly and carefully with a culture eye see Kenneth Bailey’s treatment of it in … Continue reading

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