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Redeemer Pres. and Gender Roles, Pt. 3

Link to Part 1 and Part 2 As I noted before this series of talks is in a group on the Redeemer website.  In this part I’ll treat Tim’s response and a Q/A session with Tim and Kathy and then a panel discussion. Again … Continue reading

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Redeemer Pres and Gender Roles

Last week when I was catching up on my Tim Keller sermon downloads I noticed a section of talks on Gender Roles.  When I visited Redeemer in 2006 I remember being impressed at all of the female leadership of staff especially … Continue reading

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Rob Bell’s “Love Wins” Review, Chapter 3b: The Love of God

A large part of the Rob Bell discussion on the Internet has focused on labels. Is Bell a universalist? Is Bell an evangelical? Is Bell orthodox? I’ll hazard my own label for Bell, he’s part of the emergent church movement … Continue reading

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The Singularity of Jesus and his claim for universality

Wrote this as a response to Bont on CiC who wrote a response to Tim Keller’s book “The King’s Cross”. I’ve been preaching through Luke for a couple of years now. I’ve really enjoyed staying with one book for a … Continue reading

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City Center vs. Inner City ministry, a few thoughts

Had a good time today spending time with some city center ministry guys. My introduction to city center ministry was through Tim Keller’s work at Redeemer Pres. in NYC and part of me immediately fell in love with it when … Continue reading

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Politics and Culture blog post by Tim Keller

Wonderful Piece: http://thegospelcoalition.org/blogs/tgc/2010/12/03/politics-and-culture/ Here’s a paragraph from it. Hunter argues that ressentiment–”a narrative of injury”–has now come to define American political discourse. Both conservatives and liberals make their sense of injury central to their identity, and therefore in each election cycle … Continue reading

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God’s Gentleness, Patience and Silence as necessary precursors for his intimacy with us.

God’s Gentleness, Patience and Silence as necessary precursors for his intimacy with us. In Chuck De Groat’s wonderful piece on singleness in the church he highlights a very foundational yet too-little-known truth that safety is more important than we know. … Continue reading

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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and Self-righteousness

One of my favorite Tim Keller sermons is one on Romans 7 entitled Splitness where he makes extensive use of Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Here is the part of the book … Continue reading

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Is the Tower of Babel story an urban vs. nature story?

This is from a discussion on CRC-Voices that wandered into the urban vs. rural conflict. Are cities evil? Keller got mentioned so that’s how he got into the argument. Keller inherits the urban ministry work done by Westminster East and … Continue reading

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What helps me to NOT believe the world is flat

I wrote this for a friend at Calvin-in-Common who was sharing how he listens to Handel’s Messiah with longing. He loves the music but has come to doubt the texts it is built upon. Tolkien is one of my Christmas … Continue reading

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