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Two Competing Ideals

I appreciated Paul’s writeup of the contra overtures. I can very much understand the angst and even panic among many who reasonably anticipate the complete passage of the HSR as hurtful and a slamming of the door on many … Continue reading

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Plotting Mile Markers on the Way to the Eschaton

The little back and forth over “plotting” was interesting. You plot a course, you plot mile markers, you plot a map. This came over the Internet. Relevance realization is the core of one of my conversation partners John Vervaeke … Continue reading

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All One Body responds to Interim Sexuality Report The strength of the affirming camp is their obvious expression of compassion for same sex attracted individuals. It matches the weakness of the traditionalist camp in offering a seemingly simple and obvious, apparently workable solution to the dilemma. Just … Continue reading

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Confessional Conversation Again

If you recall in 2016 (and the years before) I made a case that the CRC needs to have a far deeper conversation BEFORE we talk about WICO, SSM, IVF, Cohabitation, legalized pot, prostitution, pornography, polyamory, power, senior-non-church-weddings, marriage, confessionalism … Continue reading

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Threaded CRCSynod 2018 Tweet on the Power Meme

#crcsynod Overture. 12-14 and 18 conversations are fraught with ironies implicit in the power meme. The power meme says "powerful people use power to deny others their rights and desires". This is used to explain the miseries of history's losers … Continue reading

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Video Conversations on CRC Synod2018 Overtures

Overture 12 Overture 14 Overture 18

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Should the CRCNA stop political lobbying?

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Comment on CRC Budget and Priorities

The site is having difficulties accepting the link. Leadership and setting priorities are nearly the same thing. Lean years force organizations to ask hard question about what exactly is their mission. The denomination began as a small administrative service that … Continue reading

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How the “Christians United” Statement by post-evangelicals furthers the Confessional Conversation we need to have

Last month the Nashville statement was released causing a flurry of mostly the same conversation about the church and LGBTQ issues. A few statements arose from it but probably the most important one that I’ve seen so far is the … Continue reading

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I’d love to see complementarian CRC churches figure out the challenge of authority in women’s ministry in and beyond our walls

Necessity is the Mother of Invention I teach in a little classical program called “Sierra Leadership Network” which usually attracts gifted and interested individuals who either aren’t quite ready for formal ministry training through a seminary or for one reason … Continue reading

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