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How the habits of the ascending morality cut us off from our CRC history and identity

I’m doing some short devotionals for the Inspire 2017 conference in Detroit this summer that I plan to attend. My assignment was to do it on the beginning of 1 Thessalonians but I’m also, in each one, picking up a … Continue reading

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The Cheap Grace of the Ascending Civil Religion

Yo @ColinJost, do you not get this kind hatred is why trump won the election? Shame. Shame shame shame. — PWR BTTM (@PWRBTTMBAND) November 21, 2016 In 2008 Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were against Same-sex marriage and for … Continue reading

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The Theological Emphasis List of the CRCNA

In preparing for talk I need to give I hauled out my CRC Church History notes from maybe 1989-1990? Jim De Jong, then president of CTS was giving the class. On the first day he gave a list of theological … Continue reading

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Reaction to Richard Swinburne’s lecture on Christian Sexual Ethics

Dreher Edward Hackett Includes a comment from the President of the Society of Christian Philosophers and Calvin College Prof. Christina Van Dyke Did Swinburne get Swindled? HT Dreher Michael Rea Facebook apology Wisdom and Folly blog The Federalist ht: Al Mohler “The … Continue reading

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Clarifying the Synod 2016 Decision on Same Sex Marriage

The Banner So what we have here is the Banner attempting to clarify, via the Synodical Study Committee reporter what their work meant by offering interpretation and application. It’s not unusual for Synods to leave us with muddled and garbled … Continue reading

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The CRC can’t answer the identity question until it addresses the discipleship question

5 Steps to Denominational Renewal My friend Pete posted this piece by Sam Hamstra on CRC Voices for discussion. Since putting over 1000 words in a comment section isn’t polite I thought I’d engage the piece here on my blog. … Continue reading

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The Loss of Christian Intellectuals

HT: MereOrthodoxy and Francis Shaeffer Mere Orthodoxy Podcast discussion Alan Jacobs The Watchmen The model of separate-but-equal domains that Father Neuhaus chose may be the best that is generally available for most Christian intellectuals, but it means that the larger public sphere, the … Continue reading

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