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Charles Taylor on the Reform

What I’m calling “Reform” here expressed a profound dissatisfaction with the hierarchical equilibrium between lay life and the renunciative vocations. In one way, this was quite understandable. This equilibrium involved accepting that masses of people were not going to live … Continue reading

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What the 5 Daughters of Zelophehad Reveals about our Narrative of Progressive Liberation and the Mission of God

“The Bible is against Women, Especially the Old Testament” This is something I regularly hear either spoken outright or intimated. “women were treated as property, not persons” “women were not free to express themselves, their desires, needs or rights” “women … Continue reading

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Seeing Gushee’s Treatment of LGBTQ Inclusion in the Light of our Larger Problem of Not Really Knowing What To Do With the Bible in our Secular Age

Link to David Gushee’s Talk at City Church San Francisco David Gushee at City Church San Francisco David Gushee recently did a Q/A at City Church San Francisco I assume as part of their process of exploring the inclusion of … Continue reading

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Do Failure and Suffering Undermine Your Simple Religiosity or Belief in Our Political Systems to Give You What You Want?

What is God for?  If you start with this question you are starting from below. To me the results of Christian Smith’s survey of American youth continues to hold true. If Americans have a religion then it is shaped along … Continue reading

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A Western Buddhist Take on “A Secular Age”

A Blog entry on Charles Taylor’s A Secular Age

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Dorothy Day, “The Road to Character” Chapter 4

Dorothy Day I didn’t know much about Dorothy Day before reading this chapter. I knew she was involved in the Roman Catholic workers movement and that Brooks in the past as often mentioned her as one of his heroes. I … Continue reading

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Why Bless A Dying Generation

Putting the Name on Them Almost every Sunday I end the worship service with the same words. Numbers 6:24–26 (NIV) 24 “ ‘ “The Lord bless you and keep you; 25 the Lord make his face shine on you and be gracious … Continue reading

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How We Don’t Live Out Our Confessionality, Why it is Unintelligible and Offensive to Many, and Why We Need to Stop It

How does a Common Cultural North American understand a church “confession”? Tim Keller in a video on his book  Center Church talks about the common baseline assumptions North Americans have with respect to God and religion. He describes it in … Continue reading

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