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Christianity Scales

The only two systems in which the mysteries and the philosophies come together are Hinduism & Xtianity: there you get both Metaphysics and Cult (continuous with the primeval cults). That is why my first step was to be sure that … Continue reading

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How the Great Diver Shatters our Coma of Distraction

New Years People often ask me where I get my links and stories I share in sermons or on Facebook. One of my sources is an app called Pocket. Pocket is a way for people to quickly store articles they … Continue reading

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Helping Sensible People Believe the Crazy Stuff Christians Profess

Tim Keller and Pete Enns Any reader of my blog has a clue of how much I owe to Tim Keller, but only a clue. I follow his sermons, lectures, and books very closely. I’ve gained immensely from him. My … Continue reading

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CS Lewis and the strange justice of suffering and quality

The Christian doctrine of suffering explains, I believe, a very curious fact about the world we live in. The settled happiness and security which we all desire, God withholds from us by the very nature of the world: but joy, … Continue reading

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CS Lewis for Christmas by Cathy Smith


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Why A Confessional Conversation about Same Sex Marriage is the best way forward keeping both Traditionalists and Liberationists from Using Power to Oppress the Other

Why Church Fights over LGBTQ Issues and Same Sex Marriage Gets So Nasty So Fast I wrote before why we need to have a confessional conversation rather than a fight over church polity. Part of the difficulty we are having, … Continue reading

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How Should We Respond to this “God of the Gaps” when he doesn’t fill them as we imagine he needs to?

Coincidence, Miracle, or the Providential Hand of God Last week I told some of the story Joni Eareckson who while diving into the Chesapeake Bay became a paraplegic. She and her sister were swimming, playing on a raft. While her sister headed … Continue reading

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