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Nt Wright Online classes

NTWrightOnline.org Video channel

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NT Wright at Calvin Missional Gathering

Vimeo How the cross works in terms of the redemption of real time and space, beginning at minute 37.

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Veritas Forum: Bible: Gospel, Guide or Garbage

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8H8pPFdlus&feature=share&t=29m13s with NT Wright. Unfortunately the video is now marked “private”. There was 20 minutes of sound check, etc. on the one I posted so perhaps after they clean it up a bit they will repost it. It’s well worth … Continue reading

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Comments and Quotes from NT Wright’s Paul and the Faithfulness of God

Scott McKnight on the deification of Augustus Scott McKnight on Paul and the philosophies of his day Scott McKnight on Paul the Pharisee Paul and the problem of Evil The Church as the Elect From the Beginning Old and New … Continue reading

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Why Did the Apostle Paul Cause So Many Riots?

Jesus Creed

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Postmodernity’s Submarine Races

Pt. 1 of The Postmodern Logic Behind Emergent Calvinism Defining Postmodernity I first heard the submarine race joke before I was old enough to get it. I remember my grade school brain racing to try to figure out “where in … Continue reading

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Links and Notes for April 13 2012

Martin Lloyd Jones Sermons The sermons of Dr. Martin Lloyd Jones are going to be available on mp3 online. NT Wright and Calvin College James KA Smith shares a kvetch about NT Wright’s perceived agenda in one of his latest … Continue reading

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