Thanks for visiting my blog. To me blogs are for thinking out loud, inviting others into my mind space and having a conversation. Feel free to differ.

A Bit About My Blog

My blog is also my archiving system. I store a lot of quotes, links, tidbits that I think I might want to return to later. Just because something is posted on my blog it doesn’t mean that I am advocating for it or endorsing it. It probably means it is something I might want to find again, or had to look for upon remembering it and didn’t want to lose it.

Many of my blog posts are also first drafts of things that get refined later. Many views may be subject to change upon further reflection. To me my blog space is a working space.

Why do I keep my working space out in public? I don’t get a lot of blog traffic so I really don’t worry about it. I do hope that my work space might be helpful to others though. Maybe you work in ministry, maybe you are a Christian, maybe you are anti-Christian or are exploring the faith. If anything posted here is helpful to you then I have achieved my goal.

Leave a comment if something was helpful. That helps me be more helpful.


A Bit About Me

I’m the pastor of Living Stones Christian Reformed Church in Sacramento California.

My YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/paulvanderklay¬†(Which is my main vehicle these days…)

You can also find me on Twitter at http://twitter.com/#!/paulvanderklay

I am married with children, some in Sacramento, others around the country.

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