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Using the Surface Pro

Most of the reviews written when the Microsoft Surface Pro was announced and then released made the same point: this isn’t quite like anything else on the market. It isn’t. So why would you buy one or consider buying one? … Continue reading

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The real meaning of cheap android

Technology continues to change the world, for the better and the worse. This little piece may give you a vision of what is to come.

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A Smartphone Beginner’s Review of the Verizon Droid Maxx

How to Pick a Smartphone When  people ask me for advice on a smartphone I tell them that their first choice is actually an ecosystem. If you’re into Apple stuff (Mac, IPad, etc.)  get an IPhone. If you use Google … Continue reading

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Using Google Music

I was a long time Zune user but Zune is mostly dead. I’m also all Googled-up so trying Google Music was a no-brainer. I’ve been using their subscription service since the first month and their other “locker” service for longer. … Continue reading

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Using the Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro

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Kindle or Nook

Recently my parents were contemplating whether to go with B&N (Nook) or Amazon (Kindle). A lot of reviews will focus on the devices but I think that is the wrong place to look. Devices will increasingly be disposable, it is … Continue reading

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Kindle: Week 1

I got my kindle mid week last week and enjoy it so far. I can’t say that reading off the 6″ screen is better than reading off of paper but there are some real advantages: 1. Multiple books in a … Continue reading

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A happy generalist grazing widely

After 19 years in ministry I finally have an article filing system I’m satisfied with. When I was in seminary I’d hear from the preaching teachers about the importance of developing a file system to clip newspaper and magazine articles … Continue reading

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Too many books! My tech-book wishlist

I have too many books. Undoubtedly I can do some weeding here but what I really want is a tech solution that works like this: I want all of my books available via my computer (through Libronix would be dreamy!)  … Continue reading

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Of God and Tyrants

This is a repost from January 2005 All tyrants want to be in some respect like God. They want to be all knowing, so they establish secret police and spy on people. They want to be all powerful, to control … Continue reading

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