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50 Shades of Grey Links

Douthat Consent Isn’t Enough A Psych’s take, it’s abuse Think Christian Premier Christianity Is Consent Really the Bottom Line of a Sexual Ethic?

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Woody Allen, Morality and Artistry

The Dish In some ways, I wish this weren’t so. It would be a less fallen and compromised world. But the human mind can, alas, live quite fully in places where the practical moral conscience seems irrelevant. And so it … Continue reading

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Phil Robertson’s Remarks on Homosexuality

The Remarks GQ Yahoo Time The Repercussions Suspended: NYTimes HuffPo SF Chronicle Washington Post Sarah Palin Defends Phil Best Headline: Guardian http://guardianlv.com/2013/12/duck-dynasty-phil-quotes-bible-glaad-cries-foul-christians-silently-twiddle-thumbs/ Huffpo on who has the right to be a victim. The Robertson Family’s Official Statement The suspension is … Continue reading

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Does opposing Gay Marriage Make you a Homophobe?

Brandon Ambrosino’s Atlantic piece that launched the conversation Rod Dreher from the American Conservative Slate Magazine

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Katy Perry’s AMA Performance Seen as Racist

The Week (has content) The Daily News (mostly link-bait) HuffPo (mostly link-bait) Psychology Today (Yes, Katy Perry’s Performance Was Racist, Here’s Why) and his sequel. WSJ The Atlantic Lyrics to “Unconditionally”

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Mark Driscoll, Janet Mefferd Plagiarism Links

The controversial segment starts about 8:12 into it. The interview Jonathan Merritt New story Carl Trueman commentary on celebrity Wade and Rachel Burleson blog post on it.  University Prof from First Things on Plagiarism from Warren Throckmorton with some a side … Continue reading

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Link List on Steve Furtick’s 1.7 Million Dollar House

Pastor Furtick, married with three children, founded Elevation Church in 2006 and serves as pastor to about 14,000 people. The church is affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention. Gospel Geeks Christian Post and here and on their explansion plan Phil Vischer podcast … Continue reading

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Does the term “complementarianism” work?

From Experimental Theology Richard Beck notes the two aspects: Male and Female bring different things to the table and in a heterosexual union there is a “greater than” accomplished by the union. only the male is given the gift of … Continue reading

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Y Gen Y Is Unhappy

Huffpo and one angry response.  Looks like the Meme of the week. “I am not a millennial, I am a human being.” 

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Dear Daughter, Let Miley Be a Lesson To You

From Roadkill Goldfish And this video (you’ll have to keep watching past the beginning) This is about the “self-respect” economy? Naked pastor weighs in.  The discussion continues in the comments of course. This Rihanna weighs in.  For a blog that’s never had more … Continue reading

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