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The Cheap Grace of the Ascending Civil Religion

Yo @ColinJost, do you not get this kind hatred is why trump won the election? Shame. Shame shame shame. — PWR BTTM (@PWRBTTMBAND) November 21, 2016 In 2008 Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were against Same-sex marriage and for … Continue reading

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Lesbian You-Tuber connects Everyday Feminism with Jesus Camp

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The Lost Beauty if its time, The Haunting of eternity in our hearts, and the anticipation of glory reclaimed, renewed and restored

Celebrity Deaths in a Celebrity Species End of this year commemorations will include George Michael, Carrie Fischer and Fischer’s mother Debbie Reynolds. Many will profess that their deaths, even though they didn’t have a face to face relationship with these … Continue reading

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Why Equality and Authority have become such enemies and which one must finally lose

Equality, Law, Authority, Shalom Part of the matrix of our current conflicts is the relationship between equality, law, authority and shalom. One of the implicit questions we bring to the Bible in this age of changing standards is “can we … Continue reading

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The Day the Donald Broke the Twitter

In case you’re living under a right wing rock… It’s been a free-for-all. My favorite tweet was this one. Russell Moore reposted his NYTimes piece from last year. In the middle of this the evangelical sub-conversation is … Continue reading

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Trump vs. Clinton as Moral War

If you listen to the PBS pundits what is one of the central complaints about the Clinton candidacy. “She is not defining any large vision for America. She may be a program wonk but what is the big picture?” They … Continue reading

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Reaction to Richard Swinburne’s lecture on Christian Sexual Ethics

Dreher Edward Hackett Includes a comment from the President of the Society of Christian Philosophers and Calvin College Prof. Christina Van Dyke Did Swinburne get Swindled? HT Dreher Michael Rea Facebook apology Wisdom and Folly blog The Federalist ht: Al Mohler “The … Continue reading

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