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But they marched with Dr. King?!

Amy Sullivan, who I follow on twitter let out a bunch of tweets about this article in the NY Times. Apparently the old guard, especially one old doctor, somehow hasn’t gotten the message that women want to be respected … Continue reading

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LGBTQ Equality or Liberation? WaPo the key sentence. “Yet being allowed to “distinguish between sex and love and her needs for both,” as Brown put it back when that freedom felt out of reach for a woman, has not stopped the kind of … Continue reading

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Evangelical lostness at Wheaton

Evangelicalism is a sort of thing that isn’t supposed to have a center, a hierarchy or an authority structure but yet we are supposed to act like it does. It’s the large projection of classic pastoral availability. You can have … Continue reading

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Marxist naivety in Poverty Narratives

Diagnoses of poverty by the left are implicitly Marxist and have a kernel of Christian truth buried deep within them. When we look at a desperately poor place in the world today we see structures that are hurting the people … Continue reading

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White Privilege, Intersectionality, Slavery, Oppression and Moral-record-keeping. We are all Gehazi, white as snow

White Privilege “White Privilege” can be a helpful meme but a dangerous filter. Because of when, where and how I grew up I was never under the impression that skin color didn’t matter in America. I always knew you could … Continue reading

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What is Identity and What Will Be Its End

Identity is an interesting thing. Jordan Peterson makes the observation that it is indeed a public thing, but like reputation it is publicly constructed more than individually asserted. Our current POTUS surely has an opinion as to what his reputation … Continue reading

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Connecting Luther to Trump. Pondering the Legacy of the Reformation on a breezy California Morning

Anniversary of the Reformation We’re coming up on the 500th anniversary of the Reformation and there are a torrent of books and talks attempting to explain the significance and the consequences of this movement that reshaped our world. One voice … Continue reading

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Why Jordan Peterson Matters

We are possibly seeing the beginnings of a religious revival that would be unexpected and different from the kinds we’ve seen previously in the history of the church. I think the spark of this revival is being set off by … Continue reading

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Activism for its own sake

Things are so chaotic and moving so fast I need some sort of scorecard to keep up with all the activism all the different sides want to promote. It’s not completely clear in my mind what or who the “alt-right” … Continue reading

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The Cheap Grace of the Ascending Civil Religion

Yo @ColinJost, do you not get this kind hatred is why trump won the election? Shame. Shame shame shame. — PWR BTTM (@PWRBTTMBAND) November 21, 2016 In 2008 Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were against Same-sex marriage and for … Continue reading

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