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The Self is Here to Stay

Religion and the Self Towards the end of Haidt’s Happiness Hypothesis he made an important insight about religion and the self. Leary’s analysis shows why the self is a problem for all major religions: The self is the main obstacle … Continue reading

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Becoming Solid Selves in a Reactive Age

The Reactive Age The hot topic this week is Brendon Eich stepping down under pressure for his 2008 donations to the Pro-Prop 8 side. He had a chance to recant but did not.  While this event touches on lots of thing … Continue reading

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What Story Did You Receive? What Story Do You Choose? What Story are You?

Born to the Right Family When my oldest child was born in the Dominican Republic my wife and I brought him to the American consulate to get his American passport. When you arrive at the consulate in Santo Domingo you … Continue reading

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Of Story and Physics

Can science crack “story”? Science can analyze the paper and the ink, and social science tries to engage the effect of story, but story stands beyond physics. A young man kills himself because a girl says she doesn’t want to … Continue reading

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Forgiveness For Bloated Selves

Forgiveness as Mental Health Exercise Two “forgiveness” pieces came across my screens today. One a link from Donald Miller, the other a daily message (12/15/13) from The Listserve.  Both make a pragmatic appeal to the audience to practice forgiveness for their … Continue reading

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The Dark Matter of the Soul

Wikipedia on Dark Matter Dark matter is a type of matter hypothesized in astronomy and cosmology to account for a large part of the mass that appears to be missing from the universe. Dark matter cannot be seen directly with telescopes; evidently it neither emits nor absorbs light or other electromagnetic radiation at any … Continue reading

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The Weight of Story

The Tiger Kills When a tiger stalks its prey we take nor moral offense. Why not? The tiger shows no mercy. The tiger seems to enjoy the game and relishes the feast at the expense of the goat. We might … Continue reading

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You, Your Self, Your Soul, Is a Story

Sacramento solid waste is using their claw to pick up leaves. While I’m waiting for the operator to finish emptying it into the garbage truck another car swoops around me and runs through. I’m upset. I feel like some part … Continue reading

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Son of Sam Reflects on His Past Self

NY Daily News Interview with David Berkowitz the 44 Caliber Killer. Sitting in the prison’s visitors room dressed in a bright yellow polo and green elastic waist pants, Berkowitz grimaced when he recalled the past. “I tell you, I felt … Continue reading

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More past life conversations

Lists of posts of “conversations with previous selves” . Fun one on “past self” Should credit Kristin Tennant with the link.

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