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How the Pulse Tragedy Tempts the CRC to forget their Confessional Scripts and Mimic the Competing Civil Religions of our Day

Confessions in the Papers Over the next few weeks we will read a lot of statement like this piece in the Orlando Sentinel.  The piece is an appeal for the church to love like Jesus did and love as Jesus commanded. … Continue reading

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Break the Script, See the Whole Texas Privet, Find your real Confessional Flag and Fly It!

Following the Script There really isn’t any great mystery about what’s coming next in the CRC struggle over what to say and do about the liberation of sexual minorities. There should be no mystery because we’ve been watching this play … Continue reading

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Should the CRC Establish a Center for Confesssional Development to turn the Implicit Confessions tearing the church apart into Proto-Confessions?

    The Confessional Conversation The CRC, like many Protestant denominations in the West is heading for a fractious fight over human sexuality. I believe this is brought on by deep assumptions in Western culture about the nature of progress … Continue reading

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Where I think the “Doctrine of Christian Discovery” Report Fails the CRC

Doctrine of Christian Discover Report In case you haven’t wade through the whole report the CRC Network Synod page offered a small piece saying why we should pay attention to it. If you read the comments on that page also notice … Continue reading

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What do I Mean when I Say we Need a Confessional Conversation as a Way Forward in our Conflict over Same sex Marriage and other Matters

Confessions as a way of making explicit cultural faith expressions What was Apartheid? I first learned about Apartheid when I was a boy. A South African pastor was a guest in our home. He was in the states to talk … Continue reading

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Why A Confessional Conversation about Same Sex Marriage is the best way forward keeping both Traditionalists and Liberationists from Using Power to Oppress the Other

Why Church Fights over LGBTQ Issues and Same Sex Marriage Gets So Nasty So Fast I wrote before why we need to have a confessional conversation rather than a fight over church polity. Part of the difficulty we are having, … Continue reading

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Why We Need a Confessional Conversation rather than a Polity Conversation on LGBTQ Inclusion

Law and Justice The current debate over LGBTQ inclusion is usually framed as either a matter of law, “God doesn’t permit this” or justice “God’s justice demands it.” Beneath the traditionalist argument is usually an implied legalism. “We know God … Continue reading

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