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3 Responses to Sermons and Studies by PVK

  1. Bill says:

    I get good insights from your blog.

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  3. Geoff Miles says:

    Hi Paul
    Have enjoyed your Ytubes for a year or more now, just watched JBP speak when asked why more men are not in church. (Churches have 40% men Peterson talks have 80% men) As usual he circled God 2 in the answer but he did get close to specifying that the churches teaching on redemption is to: “say a few words” and not following up on the ltaking up your cross and struggling on up the hill may be one of the churches weaknesses:
    i.e. no challenge, no responsibility, no growing up. therefore men intuitively steer clear of what they know to be gutless. Is that what he saud? would like to hear your thoughts.
    By the way I know of no-one better than you at practicing Carl Rogers maxims, in your talks with people, Its why people tell you what they do, I have learnt much just watching you. I am just finishing an Adv Dip in Christian Counselling hoping to start July this year.
    Blessings Bro
    Geoff Miles

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