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Culture War Rockets vs. Platforms

BRAINS! This is a video of a conversation between Jordan Peterson and John Vervaeke. Both of them are favorite professors and outstanding teachers at the University of Toronto. This video was taken before Jordan Peterson’s status rocket ride via Bill … Continue reading

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Jordan Peterson and Matt Dillahunty Conversation Analyzed

34 minutes: the lawnmower. “It’s hard to get rid of those vestiges of religious behavior” Little before that JBP with the hyperactive agency detector.

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Lots of links from YT comment

Hello. Here are some other things that I had thought you might like to interact with. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IT_iyaG3phM&t=2s (A Catholic’s opinion of Peterson) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9h2vzxmeUwk (Same Catholic’s opinion of pragmatism with an appearance of Chesterton, who CS Lewis admits was an influence … Continue reading

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JBP’s interesting variant of CS Lewis’ “first things first”

If you try to be good, you might be good and, sometimes, happy. If you strive to be happy, you are unlikely to be good and you will rarely be happy, either. — Jordan B Peterson (@jordanbpeterson) February 11, 2018

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Anthony Bradley Tweet Story on Jordan Peterson

Why are young guys into Jordan Peterson? (It's not his politics so if you think that's it, take a seat). Here's really why: Baby Boomer & GenX religious leaders have been exegeting the world of men since early 1990s. Dead … Continue reading

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Jordan Peterson Transcripts


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JBP in Psychology Today


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