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All One Body responds to Interim Sexuality Report

https://www.facebook.com/notes/all-one-body/a-response-to-the-interim-report-of-the-committee-to-articulate-a-foundation-lay/2241258662618004/ The strength of the affirming camp is their obvious expression of compassion for same sex attracted individuals. It matches the weakness of the traditionalist camp in offering a seemingly simple and obvious, apparently workable solution to the dilemma. Just … Continue reading

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Confessional Conversation Again

If you recall in 2016 (and the years before) I made a case that the CRC needs to have a far deeper conversation BEFORE we talk about WICO, SSM, IVF, Cohabitation, legalized pot, prostitution, pornography, polyamory, power, senior-non-church-weddings, marriage, confessionalism … Continue reading

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How the “Christians United” Statement by post-evangelicals furthers the Confessional Conversation we need to have

Last month the Nashville statement was released causing a flurry of mostly the same conversation about the church and LGBTQ issues. A few statements arose from it but probably the most important one that I’ve seen so far is the … Continue reading

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At breakfast a woman expressed her disappointment to me at Inspire2017 about there not being an LGBT Breakout. How and where can the CRC facilitate difficult yet consequential conversations?

Breakfast conversation For me the most important part of almost any gathering are the unplanned conversations. Conversations like these are an invaluable way to get a sense of what is afoot in the church and what people are thinking. So … Continue reading

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CTS Forum on Being a Confessional Church

CTS Forum Spring 2008 HT. Doug VG

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The Difference Between a Hermeneutical Study and a Confessional Conversation

Hermeneutics As the debate over same-sex marriage and LGBTQ inclusion in the church rages a strange word you will often hear is “hermeneutics”. It surfaced yesterday in the RCA Synod. You can see in the struck-out text “hermeneutical methods” replaced … Continue reading

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How #RCASynod is backing into a Confessional Conversation on the floor of its General Synod.

Watching the RCA Livestream Watch the Saved Livestream here This afternoon the RCA Synod voted to send its “one man and one woman” liturgy to the classes for ratification. To me that’s not the big news. Then the topic came … Continue reading

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How the Pulse Tragedy Tempts the CRC to forget their Confessional Scripts and Mimic the Competing Civil Religions of our Day

Confessions in the Papers Over the next few weeks we will read a lot of statement like this piece in the Orlando Sentinel.  The piece is an appeal for the church to love like Jesus did and love as Jesus commanded. … Continue reading

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Overture 31 from Wisconsin and the Confessional Conversation

i A friend asked my comment on Overture 31 from Wisconsin in the light of my confessional conversation discussion. The overture nails the defects of the Pastoral Guidance report.  I think it’s probably the best, concise treatment of the report from … Continue reading

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What a Confessional Convention Might Look Like

I’ve been pushing this idea of a Confessional Conversation  as a way forward on the conflict over same-sex marriage and LGBTQ liberation and struggling to answer the question “what would that actually look like?” A few posts ago I talked about … Continue reading

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