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Tim Keller and Jonathan Haidt on Veritas Forum

There is a wealth of great points in this video that you can mine especially from Keller’s points. Before Charles Taylor’s work became so popular Keller was aware of it and I remember in one recording Keller making an off-handed … Continue reading

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University Students Read the Sermon on the Mount with virgin eyes

Tim Keller’s two-minute illustration (38:45–40:45) on the Sermon on the Mount, Why People Hate the Sermon on the Mount Virginia Stem Owens. “God and Man at Texas A&M.” Reformed Journal 37, no. 11 (1987): 3–4. Also in Keller’s sermon “The … Continue reading

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Helping Sensible People Believe the Crazy Stuff Christians Profess

Tim Keller and Pete Enns Any reader of my blog has a clue of how much I owe to Tim Keller, but only a clue. I follow his sermons, lectures, and books very closely. I’ve gained immensely from him. My … Continue reading

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Tim Keller’s Review of Vines and Wilson on Redeemer Website


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Making Sense of God

TGC Prequil JesusCreed Jesus Creed RJS and again

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Ministry in a Post-Everything Culture


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Why for the CRC the Local Option will not bring peace or unity but instead keep us from having the conversation we need to have about what marriage is for and Christian living in our marketplace world

Bob De Moor Suggests a Local Option would bring Peace and Unity Banner Editor Bob De Moor in his final editorial suggested that the “local option” might be a way to resolve the question of LGBTQ inclusion in the CRCNA. … Continue reading

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