Twitter and Blog Combo as a link library

I get questions from colleagues sometimes about how to store material for sermon preparation. Prior to the boom in webtools I used Infoselect as a storage program and it was OK. Today I use Evernote similarly when I want to store something that I fear might get taken down from the net or placed behind a subscription firewall.

Part of the reason I started blogging a few years ago was simply to use the blog software as a cloud librarian for my writing. I could write on any computer and keep one copy accessible to me anywhere I had net access. I soon started using the blog as a link library as well for links that I find productive and that I may want to refer back to later. I recently switched to wordpress and started using twitter and am finding the combination of the two to be excellent for archiving helpful links.

I used to save links before but I sometimes got lazing annotating them. I’m not using Twitter Tools to import my tweets into my blog daily. I started doing a thread for each one but that was too much visual space in the blog and the utility has an option for daily or weekly updating.

This is nice because it streamlines the process. To share a link I find on Twitter I have to create a 140 character evocative summary. This then gets collected by Twitter Tools and stored on my blog. If I want to find it later I just use the blog search utility or Google my blot ( search) and I’ve got a record of my briefly annotated link.

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