Eric Weinstein Evolution

From a viewer:

 In these two videos Eric Weinstein is pretty much is arriving at the dialectic between the “law” of the old testament and the embodied person of God in the new testament. He is realizing faster than his contemporaries like Sam Harris that rules/policies will always go awry over time and that only a “person”  fully cued into the details of a situation, could adjudicate adequately. Now his answer to the dilemma is to assemble a crack team of wise benevolent string pullers who will  put out workable fictions to keep  the masses functioning (insert historical secret society here). Another interesting point here is that the age of classical thinking which has been long abandoned in physics but is currently operant in ethics/legislation (even amongst the post modern when convenient) is in the early stages of its death throes.
Here are the videos (he gets into it around the 50 minute mark here)   (here its more like 35 onwards)

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