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Trying out

I’m supposed to repay another year of hosting and I’m looking for a cheaper solution.

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I’ve been a bad blogger. I’ve had a lot of work in my day job. Hope to get back to doing more writing. Also had to fix the twitter feed plugin.

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Why there should be room in our hearts, even for comment trolls.

“The article is good, but read the comments!” Twice this morning people commented about a good article but then proceeded to say “but make sure you read the comments!” So I do. (I was raised that way I suppose.) The … Continue reading

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Comments should now work properly

The comments weren’t working right but I put in the Disqus comments product and so it should all work properly now.

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Why do I let me tweets clutter up my blog?

I find twitter and the little utility that imports them daily into my blog enormously useful. When via Twitter I find pieces I like or could find useful later on I simply have to re-tweet them and they are saved … Continue reading

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Searching for Old Content

If you want to find content on the old blog software the easiest way is to use Google. Open Google and type in a search string like this: “ whatever_you_want_to_search” and it will give you a page of links and … Continue reading

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New look, still a work in process.

Here’s Leadingchurch on WordPress. All of the old posts are still on the server. I’ll have to figure out what I want to migrate to WordPress and what I don’t.

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