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I’d love to see complementarian CRC churches figure out the challenge of authority in women’s ministry in and beyond our walls

Necessity is the Mother of Invention I teach in a little classical program called “Sierra Leadership Network” which usually attracts gifted and interested individuals who either aren’t quite ready for formal ministry training through a seminary or for one reason … Continue reading

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CRC write-up on Inspire2017

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“Why couldn’t you just have a nice breakfast chat about LGBTQ at Inspire2017?”

I got this question in response to my last blog post on Inspire2017. It is an excellent question. The answer reveals many of the layers which are in fact shaping the experience and practices we are having as a community. … Continue reading

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At breakfast a woman expressed her disappointment to me at Inspire2017 about there not being an LGBT Breakout. How and where can the CRC facilitate difficult yet consequential conversations?

Breakfast conversation For me the most important part of almost any gathering are the unplanned conversations. Conversations like these are an invaluable way to get a sense of what is afoot in the church and what people are thinking. So … Continue reading

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How I went from cynical-skeptic to enthusiast about #CRCInspire2017

Chris Meeham the CRC communications writer after reading this posting wanted a few quotes. Coming up with quotes is hard so I wrote a narrative from which he could quote. Here’s the note I wrote to him. I was skeptical … Continue reading

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What was Inspire2017 for? We’ll only figure it out after we go there. 

  Surviving Massive Change In 1893 Hartog put his fourth son Sake, age 19 on a ship out of Rotterdam to New York City. He would make his way through immigration at Ellis Island and travel to West Michigan to … Continue reading

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Inspire 2017 Day 1

“What is it about?” A few hours before I left for the Inspire2017 conference I chatted with my mother. She said “Oh you’re going. What’s it about? I’m not really sure.” I said I wasn’t either but I’m going to … Continue reading

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Banner quick summary of Synod 2017

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What happened at Synod 2017

Of those who joked that those watching Synod via Livestream could benefit from the kind of color commentary provided for football, baseball and hockey. In the spirit of that I offer a post-game show. 🙂

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Synod 2017 ED State of the Church Address

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