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Robbie Dawkins on Unbelievable

Robbie Dawkins on Unbelievable Wiki of the conversation

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Housewife Bonuses of the Elite

NYTimes Dreher Rebuttal in Elle

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John Howard Yoder and Sexual Misconduct

theotherjournal RNS Mennonites Apologize for Abuse by John Howard Yoder

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Mark Driscoll, Janet Mefferd Plagiarism Links

The controversial segment starts about 8:12 into it. The interview Jonathan Merritt New story Carl Trueman commentary on celebrity Wade and Rachel Burleson blog post on it.  University Prof from First Things on Plagiarism from Warren Throckmorton with some a side … Continue reading

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Does the term “complementarianism” work?

From Experimental Theology Richard Beck notes the two aspects: Male and Female bring different things to the table and in a heterosexual union there is a “greater than” accomplished by the union. only the male is given the gift of … Continue reading

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Elizabeth Gilbert

How Elizabeth Gilbert Ruined Bali Salon: Elizabeth Gilbert, The Reluctant Bride The Daily Beast: Elizabeth Gilbert’s Ex Husband The New Yorker Review of Committed Eat Pray Love Merchandizing “Gilbert went off to Italy to find herself—and in the end, she found … Continue reading

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Phil Vischer Podcast on Euthanasia, Louis Giglio and Tim Dalrymple

This week’s Phil Vischer Podcast was a treasure trove of interesting news links. Belgium Suicide of twins who ended their lives. They were the first case of legal euthanasia where they were not suffering from a terminal illness. Link to … Continue reading

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Aaron Swartz Links

The Atlantic on prosecutorial harassment. NY Times piece on his death. 

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Opinion Pieces on the Sandy Hook Killings

In the wake of the killings at Sandy Hook Elementary multiple opinion pieces will be published. Here are a few links I want to record. Garry Wills and Moloch (Gun Control) Honesty about Fear (Fear) I am Adam Lanza’s Mother (mental health) … Continue reading

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Harry Der Nederlander’s English Translation of AA Van Ruler

Thanks to the way back machine. It also has Snapper’s fine work on the CRC Church Growth. This one has Van Ruler’s “Why Go to Church”

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