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Who, What is a “pastor” or a church leader?

The Singularity of Jesus and his claim for universality

Wrote this as a response to Bont on CiC who wrote a response to Tim Keller’s book “The King’s Cross”. I’ve been preaching through Luke for a couple of years now. I’ve really enjoyed staying with one book for a … Continue reading

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Judas as one hurt by Jesus

I’ve read a lot of books complaining about treatment people have received from the church. I can’t say that any of the poor treatment was justified. I doubt it was. People hurt people. I’ve also done a lot of figuring … Continue reading

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How Pastors Struggle

This is by a couple of psychologists that Calvin Seminary and the CRC Pastor-Church Relations office in Grand Rapids use to consult with pastors. The authors based their conclusions upon intensive work with scores of churches and pastors who have … Continue reading

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Getting pastors a little drunk and in the mood for some whoring

In my Revelation study for Sunday School I’ve now arrived at chapter 17, the closeup of the whore of Babylon. She is the mother of whores, contrasted with the another woman found in the wilderness who is the mother of … Continue reading

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The Care and Feeding of a Congregation

I wrote this on CRC-Voices in a thread where someone was telling about why they left their CRC church for an OPC church which unlike their former CRC preached serially through books in the Bible. There are levels to this … Continue reading

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The Tim Keller Sermon Collection

I’m very grateful that Redeemer has decided to put a whole bunch of new sermons outside their pay wall. The value isn’t just there in terms of putting a bunch of great sermons into the public sphere for people to … Continue reading

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"Pastors like people who have problems that are quick to fix"

“Pastors like people who have problems that are quick to fix.” A friend of mine told me this on the phone today. His observations of pastors and churches are just dead on. We like people whose problems are quick for … Continue reading

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