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Embracing Jesus-Fiction: Why Fiction Fuels Faith in a Skeptical Age

Road to Cana I’m reading/listening to Anne Rice’s Christ the Lord: The Road to Cana (not finished yet) and am quite moved by it. I usually chafe at Jesus movies and Bible fiction. I am deeply conditioned by my obsessive Protestant … Continue reading

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Do We Seek God or does God Seek Us?

So do we look for God or does God look for us? Who initiates? Like many questions there is some “both-and” to this one. As a Christian do I believe that people should be truth seekers and God seekers? By … Continue reading

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Forgiveness For Bloated Selves

Forgiveness as Mental Health Exercise Two “forgiveness” pieces came across my screens today. One a link from Donald Miller, the other a daily message (12/15/13) from The Listserve.  Both make a pragmatic appeal to the audience to practice forgiveness for their … Continue reading

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Reading the Bible For Self Formation

From our Cultural Perspective We all come to the Bible with our own set of cultural filters we impose upon it. In the West, our enthusiasm at discovering the enormous power of science to arrive at a level of communal … Continue reading

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The Dark Matter of the Soul

Wikipedia on Dark Matter Dark matter is a type of matter hypothesized in astronomy and cosmology to account for a large part of the mass that appears to be missing from the universe. Dark matter cannot be seen directly with telescopes; evidently it neither emits nor absorbs light or other electromagnetic radiation at any … Continue reading

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The Listserve

My friend Danny turned me onto “TheListServe” which is an interesting Internet social experiment. Every day a person on the list is chosen at random to be able to send an email to the list. I’m sure there are some … Continue reading

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Why Divine Election Makes Our Story Better

Take Your First Lessons on Election from Genesis I’m doing a lot of pondering election while preaching through Genesis. I have a couple of thoughts. I think the way CRC folks talk and think about election isn’t very Biblical. Genesis … Continue reading

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When Work and Worship Are One

My friend John Van Sloten preaches and writes about vocation regularly. He just posted another piece at ThinkChristian. His post triggered a question I often ponder: why did God bother to make this enormous cosmos? Anyone with a bit of … Continue reading

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Crowdsourcing Knowledge of God

A Casual, Drowsy Grasp on the Almighty On my flight home from GR Wednesday night “The Life of Pi” was playing. In an early scene Pi’s uncle has told the Canadian reporter to hear Pi’s story and then he will … Continue reading

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Christianity and Theological Diversity

It is not uncommon to hear a call from some American Christians asking that the church embrace greater theological diversity. Tim Keller’s sermon “The Gospel to the African” when he cited Lamin Sanneh’s work got me thinking about this promotion … Continue reading

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