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Church: Accessible or Counter-Cultural? Learning to love, working community

Scanned two disconnected articles this morning. One was a blog post retelling some of the events surrounding Jonathan Edwards getting kicked out of his church. I first pondered this episode when I was reading Marsden’s excellent biography of Edwards. It … Continue reading

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"Pastor, just tell me what to DO!"

Most of the time people hate being told what to do unless they want something, then they love to be told what to do in order to get it. I am an amazingly frustrating pastor to some people because they’re … Continue reading

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On lying vs. being wrong

Words matter and the current lack of restraint (by both sides of our political binary system) of the word “lie” troubles me. To be wrong, in error, or deceived is to not speak the truth. To lie is to intentionally … Continue reading

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Let's not be naive about what learning from diversity requires

Every since Dr. King declared 11:00am as the most segregated hour in America diversity has steadily become a desired value of many congregations and denominations, including my own, the CRC. I was raised in a “racial reconciliation” church of sorts. … Continue reading

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Three Forgiveness Myths

This is from a free online chapter from the book “Mad Church Disease”. Forgiveness Myth #1: You Can Forgive and Forget Many people think the phrase “forgive and forget” is an ancient proverb, rich with wisdom. Actually, it comes from … Continue reading

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