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On Conflict and Convincing and another proof of the existence of Hell

Following a post on the CRC Network over Women in Office and Classis that I knew would be conflicted. We all have our points of view and one of the things we desire from language and deliberation is the possibility … Continue reading

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“And What If I’m Wrong”

Got this video from a friend. I thought it would be a nice piece to bounce off of on the points he makes. First an outline of the points. I’ll put my initial comments and place holders in brackets. Even … Continue reading

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The Constancy of Afterlife Character

I’m working on the parable of Lazarus and the Rich Man. It is an amazing parable. If you want to read someone who reads the text slowly and carefully with a culture eye see Kenneth Bailey’s treatment of it in … Continue reading

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Why "balance" isn't the right word in measuring preaching on justification and sanctification

This is a repost from Jan 2007. I think it might be something I wrote for CRC-Voices. This phrase of yours caught my attention: All good preaching and leading will have the blessed balance of both content and process because … Continue reading

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Why Jesus was indirect with "sinners" and direct with the "righteous"

This is a repost from June 2007 This was from a Voices discussion about sin and church discipline. 1.   The gravity of sin. It is hard to overstate the calamity, devastation, and bondage that sin is. In my Synoptic Gospels … Continue reading

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On Hell and Parties

Repost from Oct 20 2006 Hell is Hard to Talk About Hell is undoubtedly one of the most difficult topics for Christians to discuss. The bottom line that hell establishes is that the fall did bring loss that even God … Continue reading

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