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Believing what I Want to Believe to Learn to Do What I Don’t Want to Do

John Suk as Astronaut Someone today asked me if I knew John Suk before my habit of reading or commenting on his blog. I confessed that besides renting an apartment from him when I was in seminary I really didn’t. … Continue reading

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Does belief in the Trinity still matter?

John Suk had an interesting posting today on the Trinity and I offered some lengthy comments. Just a brief comment on Constantine and the Trinity. According to Alister McGrath Constantine actually had Arian sympathies rather than Athanasius. The evidence suggests … Continue reading

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Going Meta on the John Suk Conversation

I wrote this one for CRC-Voices as well but thought that others might benefit from it as well.

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The Second Coming of John Suk’s Exodus

I’ve been mulling over John Suk, his blog, his exodus from the CRC, and especially the response to it and to his book. I didn’t quite know what to write. I often find that addressing a particular community, in this … Continue reading

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My Response to the Myth of Jesus’ Return by John Suk

First let me say that John’s blog post is indicative of what I like about John. He’s got guts to tell us what he’s thinking and to open up conversations that are dicey and risky especially for ministers. This was … Continue reading

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My John Suk Fantasy

Pt. 1 of My Case for a Holy Hypocrisy This month John Suk announced his intention of resigning from the CRC, my denomination. John was a former editor of The Banner, the official CRC magazine. The announcement really didn’t take … Continue reading

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