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Can an RCA Council End its Perpetual Struggle over LGBTQ Issues?

The Other Synod After a long day of advisory committee work at the CRCNA Synod the last thing I probably should do now is talk about the Synod I’m not at, the Synod or the RCA, but oh well. The … Continue reading

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Greg Alderman Proposes A Path to take on the Same Sex Marriage Question Head On in the RCA

RCA.org Text of the speech RCA Recommendations R-42a and R-42b RCA Journals, like minutes Special Council Approved

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Will Natural CRC and RCA Factionalism Stall Collaboration or Can It Become A Space to Seek Revival From?

The Bible as A Record of Squabbling for the LORD A majority of the Bible is occupied by tussling between people who consciously profess allegiance to the LORD or over which the LORD lays formal claim. The LORD makes covenant with patriarchs and tries to … Continue reading

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Please List For Me the “deep differences of conviction” that Compel the CRC and RCA to not Pursue Merger?

The CRC-RCA Joint Resolution Tonight in a joint session of Synod the CRCNA and the RCA passed this resolution. Therefore, as the General Synod of the Reformed Church in America and the Synod of the Christian Reformed Church in North … Continue reading

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