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Where I think the “Doctrine of Christian Discovery” Report Fails the CRC

Doctrine of Christian Discover Report In case you haven’t wade through the whole report the CRC Network Synod page offered a small piece saying why we should pay attention to it. If you read the comments on that page also notice … Continue reading

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Why I Don’t Think Synodical Study Committees Are the Right Tool for Working Through LGBTQ Questions for the CRC

Recent CRC Study Committee Efforts on Same Sex Marriage and Same Sex Attraction   At Synod 2011 Classis Grand Rapids East overtured Synod to found a new study committee to take another look at the 1973 report on Homosexuality. While … Continue reading

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What do I Mean when I Say we Need a Confessional Conversation as a Way Forward in our Conflict over Same sex Marriage and other Matters

Confessions as a way of making explicit cultural faith expressions What was Apartheid? I first learned about Apartheid when I was a boy. A South African pastor was a guest in our home. He was in the states to talk … Continue reading

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A few thoughts for today on the CRC and the Same Sex Marriage Conversation

This conversation heated up on Voices again. These are a few thoughts for today. 1. There were a number of possible paths that the Study committee could have taken. They choose to give guidelines to outline the implied limits of … Continue reading

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Fearing for the Shire: My Initial Read of the Synod 2016 Report on Pastoral Guidance re Same Sex Couples

The long anticipated report on Pastoral Care Guidance to Same-sex couples is now public. There isn’t a lot of time between now and Synod in June so we should make haste in figuring out how to talk about this as … Continue reading

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