The Humility of God

Repost from Oct 24, 2007

I never thought of the humility of God until I listened to some of Peter Kreeft’s MP3s on the net. God including God the Father is completely humble. That helps me locate humility beyond “aw shucks…” Why is God so hidden so often? I think it is his humility. He likes to work quietly, unseen, behind the ordinary and even the vulgar. God’s humility meets his patience and we have human history with human freedom at tremendous cost. We associate this with the Holy Spirit, the point made in the CTS Focus piece out recently but the whole trinity is of course humble. God also loves the humble. Proverbs notes numerous times that God draws near to the humble but flees the proud. Jesus says “the meek inherit the earth”. Satan, like Sauron majors in control and domination. Satan is all about “making it happen”. God somehow “lets it happen”. I’m doing Yancey’s “Prayer” book for a small group and he makes the point well in chapter 8. God loves to do things and not be obvious about the credits. Look at the universe. He does so to such a degree that lots of folks just call it an accident.

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