Three Warnings, Three Men, Three illustrations

In Luke 11 and 12 Jesus gives three warnings.

  • In 11:37-54 he warns the Pharisees and the Teachers of the Law. They are banking on external compliance to impress God and their supposed audience of the efficacy of their religious program to save their land.
  • In 12:1-12 Jesus (in Luke) meets new found popularity (perhaps by insulting the religious group in the previous passage) and so warns his disciples against “the yeast of the Pharisees”. This time playing to the crowd in order to gain what the crowd has to offer. They are to guide their course before an audience of one and it will mean that they are in fact unpopular and it will be life threatening. He notes, however, that from an age-of-decay/age-to-come perspective following the crowd in fact sends you to the place where we regularly sacrifice our children (Gehenna).
  • In 12:13-21 we find one who didn’t play religious games, didn’t play to the crowd, in fact all he cared about was himself and his possessions until even his own self was taken away from him.

In the news recently we’ve had three men who might embody each story

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