Too many books! My tech-book wishlist

I have too many books. Undoubtedly I can do some weeding here but what I really want is a tech solution that works like this:

  • I want all of my books available via my computer (through Libronix would be dreamy!)  so I can search them quickly, work with scriptural cross references, find and grab quotes easily, etc. Google books is helpful somewhat for finding things but due to copywrite restrictions your search and reading is limited. Via Amazon I have electronic access so some of my books (at an extra cost) but interface is limited too. Neither is where I want it to be.
  • I want all of my books accessible all the time via a Kindle type machine OR to a netbook. If they were available via the web then the netbook aspect would be covered. The Kindle is still too pricey and the availability of books I would want is still too limited. Plus I would want greater search via the Kindle and I’d want all my Kindle books available to my desktop or netbook via the web.

THEN I could stop buying paper books before I am drowned by them in my office.

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