Kindle: Week 1

I got my kindle mid week last week and enjoy it so far. I can’t say that reading off the 6″ screen is better than reading off of paper but there are some real advantages:

1. Multiple books in a very easy to carry format. I’ve got LOTR and some Dostoyevsky on the thing which together would be about 10″ tall in paper. I also hate having to track down books. Sometimes they are in my office, sometimes at home, never at hand. Via Kindle my books will increasingly be at hand, not lost. They are also available always in my pocket via my Kindle on Android app.

2. I am ADHD so I jump in and out of books quickly and don’t like bookmarks. I open a book on the Kindle and it always goes to just where I left off.

3. I use Twitter as my note taker, file cabinet system. See I can select text and tweet a link to that text directly from my Kindle. That’s super helpful for me. Amazon takes the text and creates a webpage with that text and creates the link for the tweet along with a #Kindle hashtag. This then gets incorporated onto my blog and I have not only the note but also the text then at my disposal. The Kindle for PC application does not have copy and paste, but this is a work-around where I can get quotations out of the books I read that I can use for sermons, postings, or just to remember things. I’m very excited about this feature.

4. I’m running out of space for books. Rodney has a discipline of not buying a new book without getting rid of an old one. I’m not that pious. This will help my office clutter problem.

5. There are tons of classic novels I’ve never read. You can get most of these either free or very very inexpensively electronically.

I’ve got a list of things I think they need to improve on the Kindle. Finding a bookmark isn’t that easy. Syncing the notes and bookmarks and last place readings on the various devices isn’t perfect, yet. As a platform, however, it looks very promising.

At this point I’m excited about the platform and its potential. pvk

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