On Sin

Sin triggers among us a chain reaction of self-centeredness and self-righteousness that inevitably produces misery and unhappiness. The relationship between this dynamic and what we perceive to be justice is noteworthy. We immediately perceive ourselves as being wronged and bolstered by anger demand justice for ourselves at the expense of our adversary. This cycles around and around as we reinforce our own sense of entitlement and self-righteousness. We come to the point where we rise up as judge against God himself and imagine that I, and I alone know and even establish the truth. Ironically we become perfectly lonely and miserable.

If we see this dynamic we can begin to know the wisdom of Christ and his cruciform path for our deliverance and our joy. In embracing the cross with full assurance of vindication and deliverance through resurrection we can lay down the burden of selfish justice seeking, a burden too great and too dangerous for our small, fallen, wounded, broken selves in our prison of self-pity and fear. When we can retired our failed vocation in the assurance that the Almighty himself alone can and will sit upon the judgment throne we can be the joyful children he created us to be. This joy begins today. Yes there is the wounding and the pain inflicted by others, but like the wounds of the cross they can be transfigured into maturity, power and authority, the kind that our selfishness can hardly understand.

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Husband, Father of 5, Pastor
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