How I use Twitter

I’ve written about this before but I want something that I can repeatedly post to Twitter as a kind of disclaimer to my tweets.

My primary use for me posting on twitter is that of an archivist. Twitter is a fantastic, omnipresent tool for making small notes (often with links) to articles I want to or may want to read, re-read or cite at a later date. Why do I want to be clear about this? Because there is a lot more out there that I find helpful, interesting, or even just that I might want to find again in the future than what I necessarily agree with.

How do I keep my tweets in a searchable fashion? This is an important question because it is a serious failure in Twitter that actually Google’s Buzz has remedied. I used to capture all of my tweets on my blog when I was using but when I switched to the free .com version I needed a new way. You can use Buzz to pick up your tweets and they stored and searchable just like your gmail.

I think the most common use case for Twitter is either self-promotion or promotion of an idea or brand or favorite thing. There are times that I too use Twitter this way, but that isn’t my primary usage for it. Part of the reason it isn’t is because I don’t think Twitter is actually AS GOOD of a promotional tool as it is hyped to be. Certainly it does work that way and some use it effectively for that purpose, but I think Leo Laporte’s experience when his Buzz can Tweet got stopped up and nobody missed him is common. Twitter is a lot more talking than listening.

Why don’t I just switch to Buzz? I’m still considering it. At this point this is why I keep up with Twitter:

1. I do read what others tweet and link to via twitter. I don’t read everything tweeted. To me it’s kind of like reading the newspaper. I don’t read back issues or read every article. I skim and dip into things that catch my eye.

2. Twitter is more popular than Buzz and there are more and better tools for it. I have now taken to tweeting from my Kindle which is a very cool way to highlight and create notes.

3. Twitter has more value than Buzz for the limited promotional purpose I use it for.

So for now I keep using Twitter. I just want to be clear on why I tweet what I tweet.

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