Whose “Priority”?Which Gospel? (via Vinoth Ramachandra)

Vinoth Ramachandra has some strong, straight words in terms of the “priority” of proclamation. I see people wobbling on either side, but for Jesus proclamation and “deed” were completely seamless and integrated. His miracles were proclamation. His actions were proclamations. His proclamation was deed. Terrific post.

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I am told that, at the recent Lausanne Congress in Cape Town, a popular American preacher and author vigorously asserted that evangelism, understood as the verbal proclamation of the Gospel, was the Church’s foremost “priority”. Since this is a typical, knee-jerk reaction that talk about social justice or “integral mission” elicits in “conservative” evangelical circles, it is worth exploring who says this kind of thing and whether they actually p … Read More

via Vinoth Ramachandra

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